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Who's Managing My Money?

As wealth increases, so do the complexities of its management.

Looking beyond the services and products commonly available to retail investors allows Harbourfront to stay client-centric, and focused on the best avenues for preservation and enhancement of wealth. The Integrated Net Worth Model provides advanced services beyond those generally available through accountants and investment advisors. We integrate your wealth plan with the advice of your accountant lawyer or other legal professional to provide a holistic strategy for you to achieve your wealth goals.

  • Income planning & projecting
  • Retirement planning
  • Traditional Investments
  • Alternative investments
  • Private investments
  • Back tested portfolio construction
  • Trusts & estate preservation planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Insurance products *
  • Tax Planning
  • Intergenerational Transfers of Wealth and Legacy Planning


*Insurance products are sold via Harbourfront Estate Planning Services inc,. (HEPSI). These products may not be subject to CIRO regulation or CIPF coverage, please inquire with your advisor for more information.


Questions about the Integrated Net Worth Model? We would love to chat further about it. Contact us now!