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Specialized Wealth Strategies

Capitalizing on opportunity will allow you to build and retain your wealth. Here is a list of just some of the specialized options available to our clients.
  • Asset Protection and Tax PlanningMany forms of trusts exist with various benefits to accomplish certain goals. These entities can provide avenues for tax minimization, income splitting with individuals or a trust itself, and asset protection for current and future beneficiaries.
  • Computer Generated Retirement Income AuditsThese calculations establish whether one can reach or sustain his or her lifestyle income requirements while establishing which assets should be depleted.
  • Benefit Cost Analysis & Due Diligence CalculationsWhen contemplating various tax and investment options, few calculate the potential future outcome. Through in-depth benefit-cost analyses, one can create a priority schedule prior to the implementation of various options.
  • Corporate Asset TransfersThrough every corporation's Capital Dividend Account (CDA), options exist to flow money to the shareholders on a tax-free basis.
  • Private DebtTraditionally this type of investing has only been accessible by endowment funds, pensions, and institutional investors. Accessing these types of investments at the retail level creates an additional element of asset class diversification.
  • Estate Tax AnalysisProjecting future tax consequences and probate costs with the use of computer software can help pinpoint potential tax pitfalls while creating planning opportunities.
  • Pension Style Asset ManagementBy developing economies of scale, we can bring institutional type investing to the retail client.
  • Back-Tested Portfolio AnalysesThe science of portfolio construction involves quantifying risk and balancing against the potential for return using computer software. This ensures a reduction in volatility while capturing the market upside.
  • Asset LocationNot to be confused with asset allocation, asset location involves the location of various asset classes amongst different types of accounts, entities or individuals in an effort to reduce current and future taxes.


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